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Please fight the self proclaimed Marxist front group Black Lives Matter whose sole purpose is to destabilize and divide America over race prior to the presidential election.

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Update: Fr. Ted was supported and prayed for by nearly 100 parishioners

 and others on a day when it felt like 100!!! Thanks Be to God. 

Firmum est Cor Meum

Christian Democratic Caucus organizing Support for Fr. Ted, pastor at 

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Parish, Carmel, Indiana 

Sunday July 5th 2020 at 11:30 A.M.


Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Christian Democratic Caucus Executive Director Rev. Mark J. Powell, M.Div., (D-IN) announced today that there will be an outside prayer gathering Sunday July 5th at 11:30 A.M. at the parish in support of the ministry of Fr. Theodore Rothrock, Pastor of St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic at 10655 Haverstick Rd, Carmel, IN 46033


According to the Indianapolis Star, Fr. Rothrock wrote of Black Lives Matter organizers. "They are wolves in wolves clothing, masked thieves and bandits, seeking only to devour the life of the poor and profit from the fear of others."


Rev. Powell stated, “As a Lutheran pastor and a 2020 Democratic Congressional candidate that received nearly 10,000 Democratic primary votes, I know the Indiana Democratic Party is home to many Marxists and Democratic Socialists. Fr. Ted in his teaching role as a pastor spoke to his parishioners of the wolf at the door, an imagery I used just this past Sunday in my own sermon.”


Pastor Powell continued, “What Fr. Ted wrote, took courage and faith and now a group of Marxists are hounding him and the Bishop like a pack of wolves. On Sunday at 11:30AM at the sidewalk entrance of the parish in Carmel, I ask all people of faith to come and pray that Bishop Doherty realizes that leaving Fr. Ted in his pastor’s office is a clear sign that People of faith cannot be bullied by Marxists in Indiana or anywhere. I invite all faiths: Catholic, Protestant, Jews, Muslims Hindus, Buddhists et al to join together in the fight against Marxism and Chinese Communism.”


The Christian Democratic Caucus (CDC) within the Indiana Democratic Party was formed in January 2020 to assist Pastor Powell’s Congressional campaign. CDC is an exciting new political movement in the Democratic Party for the Common Good of every person regardless of their faith or no faith, race, sexual orientation or economic class.  Christian Democrats say YES to FREEDOM and NO to Marxism and Fascism.                         

                                                                      # Firmum Est Cor Meum #        

Join the "Our Fair Share Society"

Do you believe there is a need for a THIRD WAY in American politics, a way that builds up the common good ? Join the Christian Democratic Caucus (CDC).  

Are you tired of those in political power calling for another policy change or another symbolic action when REAL SYSTEMIC CHANGE is needed?  Join the Christian Democratic Caucus.

If you believe there needs to be a  movement within the Democratic Party that values worker's rights, Union choice, Constitutional freedoms of ALL AMERICANS, freedom to worship your faith or to have no faith, Second Amendment rights, and protecting the financial future of the Middle Class while rejecting the Marxist / Socialist / Communist infiltration  of the party...JOIN this new patriotic effort!!! 

Let's make the Democratic Party the VOICE of the Middle Class again not the voice of the Chinese Communist Party in America!!! 

While the Wall Street multi millionaires and billionaires get TRILLIONS from their purchased Congress, We in the Middle Class deserve OUR FAIR SHARE!!! 

In the 2020's, you can protest in the streets, you can protest by becoming involved in the process, you can protest by running for political office, it is up to you if you want to see change, YOU have to change...YOU HAVE TO GET INVOLVED.   


First, you can become a Democratic Party precinct committee member. Call Mark at 317.372-3493

Who will Speak Up for The Middle Class?

The PANDEMIC Protection Plan for the Middle Class and the Working Poor 

  1. Any additional Major Debt Spending MUST have a Federal Reserve Bank Audit.
  2. Congressional Health Insurance Plan coverage for the Middle Class and Working Poor Immediately. 
  3. Direct Electronic Transfers into the Middle Class and Working Poor bank accounts immediately.
  4. Federal Income Tax Exemption on Household incomes of $120,000 or less after Pandemic crisis. Increase Tax Rates will rise for those making over $5 million to make up the difference...spread FAIRNESS not the VIRUS!!!
  5. State and Federal Tax Exemption of Unemployment Benefits immediately.

             Rev. Mark J. Powell, M.Div. (D-IN) 

                     Executive Director

             Christian Democratic Caucus 

                   within the Indiana Democratic Party 

      Lutheran Pastor 

2020 Democratic Congressional candidate.

Phone/ Text  317-372-3493

Email: [email protected]

Thank you to the nearly 10,000 Indiana Democrats that voted for me to represent them in the United States House of Representatives on June 2, 2020 and supported the Christian Democratic OUR FAIR SHARE society!!!

It was an honor to run and speak for those of us in the Middle Class. Sadly in American politics, coming in 2nd in a 5 candidate field doesn't even get one a Silver medal. Our message of fairness for the Middle Class and Working Poor will be even more relevant in 24 months. 

What is the Christian Democratic Caucus? 

"The Christian Democratic Caucus is an exciting new political movement within the Democratic party for the Common Good of every person in this nation regardless of their faith, race, sexual orientation or economic class. 

What is needed in America in the 2020's and beyond is simple decency in government and society.  

Christian Democrats say YES to FREEDOM and NO to Socialism and Fascism.